Sauna Time

Sauna Time

Benifits of Infrared Sauna

6 Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy

  1. Detoxification. Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways to eliminate toxins,...
  2. Relaxation. Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level...
  3. Pain Relief. If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pain,...
  4. Weight Loss. The heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause...
  5. Improve circulation.  can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation after intense exercise.
  6. Skin purification. eliminate toxins from your pores and increasing circulation, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin.


*Prices are per person

10 minutes           12.50

15 minutes           18.75

20 minutes           25

25 minutes           31.50

30 minutes           37.50